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I experienced my first panic attack at University and it was just so awful. It is hard to describe unless you have experienced it. But, I knew I didn't ever want to have another one so I started to avoid situations that might give me a panic attack. But the attacks kept coming and I ended up dropping out of University. Wihtin a year, things had got so bad that I could barely leave the house. It was awful - I was a young man in my prime and should ahve been out having fun, but I just couldn't do the basic things. I had no life. I realised I needed help - my world was getting smaller and smaller and I couldn't go on like this. I approached The MindTraining Clinic. Within four sessions, my world had expanded again. I was going out, socialising, seeing friends and planning my future.


Sandi taught me to cope with the panic so I was no longer afraid of attacks. It took another four sessions before I could go on a bus alone - this had always been the hardest thing for me. Once I could do that, I knew that i could do most things. Now, thanks to The MindTraining Clinic, I am looking forward to going back to University (on the bus!) and living my life again.


Ethan, aged 20, April 2012

'So.... I flew and I was really good. I didn't feel the need to buy wine. We were delayed for an hour on the plane which would have usually really stressed me out.


There was a couple of times on the plane where my heart fluttered but I absolutely controlled it and managed to relax enough to stop it getting any worse.


My husband said I was a completely different person on the plane.'

I used a combination of relaxation therapy, hypnotherapy and my super new conditioning therapy to cure her fear of flying in just three sessions!


V January 2016

I used be very negative all the time - whenever things went wrong, I blamed myself or thought typical, or it's always me, I am so unlucky. I now challenge my negative thoughts more and more using the information and training from the sessions at The MindTraining Clinic. I am so much more positive about life now.


Client Testimonial January 2014


I used to get panic attacks regularly. Since my sessions at The MindTraining Clinic, they are barely noticeable - I can sometimes feel them start but then they just go.


Client testimonial, December 2013


Going to Kaos, with Sandi, was a great way for me to use the CBT techniques on my fear of heights. Kaos is an indoor comfortable environment which allows you to experience your anxiety feelings in a controlled manner. It is completely safe as you are connected to a overhead track and harness. These safety measures don't detract from the feeling of height or experiencing the anxiety which is of course what you need for the treatment to work. Sandi guides you every step of the way giving you the appropriate support when you need it. I would certainly recommend it.


20th April 2013


My 15 year old daughter, Mel,  had been having panic attacks at school for about a year. She would get them during science which she found hard, but that was important to her to do well in. She also got panic attacks when doing homework too – I think it was due to her worry about doing well. Her grades were really suffering as she wasn’t doing homework. She then started to get panic attacks in exams and tests and went from being an A* student to a D student. We came to the MindTraining Clinic and after two sessions, Mel never had another panic attack! She can go into lessons, do her homework and even take tests without a problem. Three months on and she has still not had a panic attack. Her grades are back up! I would highly recommend MindTraining Clinic to anyone else.


Mum to Mel, 15 January 2013



My four year old son developed a phobia of public toilets that have hand dryers – and most do these days. It got to the stage where he wouldn’t go into any toilet when we were out and he either wet himself or pulled his pants down in public places! When he started school, he wouldn’t go at all during the day and was often wet at the end – I knew I needed to get this sorted and fast."


It took just two appointments at The MindTraining Clinic and Jacob was cured in a week! Within a week, he went from being afraid to even set foot near a toilet, to actually laughing and playing under the hand dryer! Public loos are no problem and school toilets are fine too. Six months on, he still loves hand dryers and is very disappointed if we go to toilets that don’t have them!"


Mum of Jacob, age 4 (not his real name)



My phobia of lifts meant that I had avoided them all of my life. After graduating from university and landing a corporate job on the 10th floor of a building I knew I could no longer carry on making excuses and avoiding lifts at all costs.


I turned to Dr Sandi Mann at The MindTraining Clinic and she helped me face my fears. After only two sessions with Sandi I was able to get in lifts and it only took another 2 more sessions to completely eradicate my fear. I now use lifts on a daily basis and even enjoy the experience. Sandi truly changed my life because I would not be able to do the job that I am doing now without eliminating my phobia of lifts.


Jessica, aged 22, Sept 2012


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