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Thank you so much for all your help - my life has changed so much since I started working with you. I used to be so afraid of everything! I am now starting to live a normal life and cant thank you enough.

SA  September 2023

EMDR is a brilliant tool and the great thing is that  didn't have to do any homework like with CBT! It just worked like magic on my OCD in a way that CBT didnt.

PD  May 2023

'So.... I flew and I was really good. I didn't feel the need to buy wine. We were delayed for an hour on the plane which would have usually really stressed me out.


There was a couple of times on the plane where my heart fluttered but I absolutely controlled it and managed to relax enough to stop it getting any worse.


My husband said I was a completely different person on the plane.'

I used a combination of relaxation therapy, hypnotherapy and my super new conditioning therapy to cure her fear of flying in just three sessions!


V January 2016

I cant believe how effective EMDR is! I was so sceptical at first and couldn't see how it might work.  i still dont totally understand but the effect is quite magical. I went from being unable to even think about the trauma without being in floods of tears - to being able to think about it quite calmly. its as if the emotional sting has been taken out of it This means it is intruding far less in my day to day life.

DL July 2023

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