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Dr Sandi has written over 20 psychology books, all published by reputable publishers (none self-published) and available from Amazon. Some of these are listed below (hover over the book to be linked directly to Amazon). Most books have been published in a range of different languages and countries too. To see the full list, type Sandi Mann into an Amazon search.

New book! Out September 2019 - Why Do I Feel like an Imposter? How to swap self-doubt for self-confidence (Watkins)

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Dr Sandi's Books

Reviews on Amazon:




By Captain Jeremy on 29 Jan. 2014



This is the first book i have read that talks to you and not down to you. It explains in clear easy to understand terms How to overcome Phobias and Panic Attacks, but also helps people with anxiety, OCD and depression. It also includes case studies, which are very interesting and help you to relate to your issues. Well worth every penny. BUY IT NOW....






A very useful book with a different approach to the subject matter

By ReviewMonkey on 6 Oct. 2015


A very useful book with a different approach to the subject matter. It puts the onus on the reader to come up with their own ideas and solutions, without being patronising or giving no useful information at all. Instead, this text doesn't take itself too seriously and breaks things down in a way that's easy to understand, without being treated like a five year old. There are some ideas in here I definitely wouldn't have thought of, and the clear and well-designed layout is always a bonus. I was familiar with this series and style of Teach Yourself (C) books already, but was initially concerned about whether or not this kind of book would come across as too "touchy feely". Thankfully, my suspicions were misplaced. I've learnt a lot about myself over the course of this book and one of the major lessons (however corny) was that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. ;)

Excellent book for both individuals and therapists

By Beatlestargazer on 12 Aug. 2015


As a Counsellor working in a Primary Care Psychology setting I have found this an invaluable resource to offer clients. It is well written with an excellent and clear approach to explaining the theory of why we become angry and how we can best manage that anger. It has also acted as a good refresher for my self as a practitioner. The book has many useful and easy to understand exercises based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Highly recommended.


Anger management at work

By Mr. Ar Deane on 15 Oct. 2014


I am a police officer and I deal with angry people on a daily basis. This book provided a very interesting insight into the underlying reasons/causes of anger (and the stress etc that it causes) with some strategies on how to deal with them.
I certainly learned a lot from the book and will definitely be using some of the techniques/models in my working environment.



A useful tool for personal use, a parent, an employee or an employer

By Helen M, Preston on 29 Jan. 2014


A very positive well researched book with lots of useful tips for everyday life to help you understand anger and help you to manage it.
I enjoyed doing the various quizzes and exercises to assess my own level of anger. It is very user friendly, fun to read and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

New book April 2019! Sleep Manual published by Haynes (yes, the car manual people!)

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