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Are you depressed?

Most people feel low or down sometimes, but depression is a far more extreme form of this.


Depressed people often have long episodes when they are unable to motivate themselves to do much (even get out of bed), cannot find pleasure in life and feel worthless. There are four main groups of depressive symptoms:

1.    Those to do with feelings: e.g. feeling sad and miserable.

2.    Physical symptoms e.g. lack of appetite or sleeping difficulties

3.    Thoughts/cognitions: e.g. ‘I am worthless’, ‘no one likes me’.

4.    Those to do with behaviour: e.g. staying in bed. 

Treating Depression

Depression can be treated with medication or psychological therapy or, in some cases, both. The psychological therapy of choices for anxiety is usually Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and this is what we offer at The MindTraining Clinic.

When we do CBT we will talk to you about your feelings and what triggers your low mood. We might ask you to keep special diaries and do 'homework'. We will start gently challenging your thoughts and help you to identify and change any unhelpful thinking patterns. We might ask you to keep pleasure diaries or our specially designed Reasons To be Cheerful Journal. 

What to expect from therapy for Depression
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