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New Height Phobia Treatment


Do you suffer from fear of heights?

Do you get panicky when you go over bridges – or maybe you avoid them altogether?

Perhaps you are afraid of going above the 3rd floor of a building – maybe you imagine that you will throw yourself out of the window?


The MindTraining Clinic has teamed up with Kaos Indoor High Wire Adventure in Lytham to offer people who are afraid of heights, a new and effective way of overcoming their fears.


How it works 


The session lasts around 3hrs (refreshments are included!) and includes Relaxation Training and PsychoEducation from The MindTraining Clinic’s Director before attempting the high wire adventure.The client will then be equipped with the skills to gradually (and at their own pace) attempt the high wire course. Clients will have as much time as they need on the course and will go at their own pace. Care is taken to ensure that clients feel comfortable at each stage, before progressing to the next stage. Some people may take 30 minutes (or more) just to reach the starting platform – there is no pressure and clients are accompanied at all times by the reassuring presence of the expert psychologist and Kaos trainers.The aim is to train clients to cope with their panic so that when they go out to the ‘real world’ they can use the same techniques to cope with any feelings of panics on bridges, high floors of buildings etc.


Please note: This treatment is not appropriate for all! Many clients prefer a more gentle, graduated approach that does not necessitate them being able to achieve such giddy heights - they just want to be able to go on a bridge or up a building rather than high wire stuff! In these cases, we use regular desensitization programmes, aiming to tackle more everyday occurences, rather than the high-wire one. Please get in touch to discuss which would be the best approach for you.'



"Going to Kaos, with Sandi, was a great way for me to use the CBT techniques on my fear of heights. Kaos is an indoor comfortable environment which allows you to experience your anxiety feelings in a controlled manner. It is completely safe as you are connected to a overhead track and harness. These safety measures don't detract from the feeling of height or experiencing the anxiety which is of course what you need for the treatment to work. Sandi guides you every step of the way giving you the appropriate support when you need it. I would certainly recommend it."

Dr Sandi on the High Wire Course!
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