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Based in Manchester but now offering remote tele-therapy across the UK

Specialist trauma and anxiety treatment for adults and children

Private Psychological Therapy

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Public Appearances

Dr Sandi is an in-demand speaker at national and international events with recent events such as:

  • Speaker about mental health at Zenergi Conference for Teachers June 2022

  • supporting menopause in the workplace EdExec LIVE Manchester May 2023

  • Durham and Newcastle education event July 2023 keynote speaker about imposter syndrome and coping with anxiety

  • 'The magic of Psychology'. Event in Manchester for 60 members of the public.  After dinner entertainment September 2023

  • Healthy New Year Festival on Thursday 26 January. 2023 Oldham Library Cant Sleep wont Sleep



Buy Dr Sandi's book!


Overcome Phobias and

Panic Attacks

(Hodder and Stoughton).

Available from Amazon!

(For the rest of Sandi's

books see her page on




Dr Mann's regular media appearances


Dr Sandi is columnist for Counselling At Work (a national BACP publication) and various other outlets. 

Clinic in Manchester

Useful Information!


This website is positively oozing with useful information on all aspects of mental health. Check out the Information Pages for guides to Phobias, Panic Attacks, Anxiety and Depression. 


Have a look at the Articles/Media pages for links to articles Dr Sandi has had published in various media outlets about mental health.


Our Principles


We aim to provide effective therapy as cheaply and quickly as possible. We will not encourage you to commit to a block of sessions and in fact, are only too happy if you stop therapy earlier than expected because you are cured!


We offer a confidential service. We will not discuss you or your issues with anyone - including the media. Dr Mann is interviewed a lot in the media and often asked about unusual cases - but she will never talk about the more unusual problems due to confidentiality.







The MindTraining Clinic offers private, one-to-one training to clients (adults and children) who want to learn to deal with phobias, panic attacks, trauma, depression, stress and other conditions. We specialise in EAP workplace counselling and in getting people back to work too.


























The Director is Dr Sandi Mann, a Chartered (Academic) Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She is Accredited BABCP CBT Therapist and an Accredited EMDR Practitioner (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming).


She has written over 25  psychology books, including Overcome Phobias and Panic Attacks and appears regularly in the media as a psychology expert. She teaches and is Module Leader on MSc Applied Clinical Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire


She is also Clinical Lead Mental Health Services for Sparta Health


Call 07958 554509 or email for a no-obligation chat about whether we can help you.


Ten Minutes Journal.jpg

New - Ten Minutes a Day to beat depression

The MindTraining Clinic has tried and tested a new formula to beat depression and low mood in just ten minutes a day. The Reasons To be Cheerful Journal (published by Little Brown) has changed lives - find out how it can help you!

Psychological First Aid

Following the horrific terrorist attack at Manchester Arena, Dr Sandi has been involved in Psychological First Aid Training. She is working with the fantastic Heads Up CIO who have trained over 100 mental health professionals in the NorthWest and has also undertaken NHS Psychological First Aid training so is part of various teams able to offer immediate first response in the event of any major traumatic event in the region. You can read more about this work in an article she wrote for BACP publication Counselling At Work.

I am often asked how to tell if a therapist

is legit, given that anyone can call

themselves a counsellor or therapist. Or,

how to tell the good ones from the poor. 

After all, no one wants to waste their money.


Key questions to ask:


  • Are they a member of a professional body? 

  • Do they have a qualification that is accredited with a bona fide organisation?

  • Are they recognised widely as an expert in their field (evidenced by publications, books, media appearances etc)

What You Need to Know 
Before Choosing a Therapist
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