Wouldn’t it be great if there was a quick and easy way to cheer you up when you are feeling down? Well now there is, with this tried and tested method from the The MindTraining Clinic in Manchester – the Reasons To Be Cheerful Journal.


This Journal has been tested by many of Dr Sandi Mann’s clients over the years – clients who are feeling low, have low self-esteem, who feel ‘nothing ever goes right’ or who just feel that life isn’t as good as it should be right now. Dr Mann is a renowned psychologist, appearing regularly in the media including national and international TV and radio, newspapers and magazines.  Dr Mann is also a columnist for Counselling At Work Journal (a BACP publication) and Mums and Dads Magazine, blogs for the Huffington Post and is the author of over 15 psychology self-help books including Overcoming Phobias and Panic Attacks (Hodder and Stoughton). She has helped hundreds of clients over the years overcome depression, low mood, low self-esteem and negative thinking.


Reasons To Be Cheerful is a therapeutic method to improve mood, drawing on cognitive and behavioural techniques, that takes less than ten minutes each day. Full instructions are included inside – this Journal will change your life.


This Journal costs just £12.99 and will last you for three months! Much cheaper than therapy!


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